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Carson featured on BAMVision

In a January episode of BAMVision, Dorsey Carson talked with veteran journalist Jack Criss about the firm’s successes. Criss started the interview by noting that every time he checks his Facebook feed, he sees a new accolade for the firm. “I don’t want to brag on myself, but we are a firm that I would hire,” Carson acknowledged. “I got an AVVO 10 rating, and that’s the kind you want, when your peers give you recognition.”

Carson said he is most proud that the firm has, for all five years of its existence, been named a top firm in the annual U.S. News & World Reports rankings.

“We’ve got an outstanding group that I’m really proud of. For a small firm, we do a lot of stuff that small firms don’t do. We focus on what we’re good at. And that a lot of times revolves around commercial litigation,” Carson said.

Carson said he is also proud that the firm is a leader in technology. “We’re able to move really quickly. We’re probably the most technologically advanced firm in Mississippi, which ironically is not really behind the nation in a lot of stuff when it comes to law firm technology. We go to national and international conferences, and we study how to be most efficient and effective.

“The biggest challenge has been balancing the cases where the heart leads you without going so far away from the ones that give us profitability,” he continued. “I’ve always taken on a lot of cases that sometimes are high publicity, sometimes they’re public interest related. But after doing construction law as long as I have, once in a while you throw in something of interest, like Cambridge Analytica. There’s a Mississippi version of that that we’re handling. There are some things that come along every once in a while that at a big firm you’re going to be conflicted about. So we’re able to be nimble.”

When Criss suggested relocating to Houston could earn the firm 10 times more revenue, Carson explained why he chooses to stay put. “Part of it is family and friends. But there’s also a feeling my wife and I have that we can make a difference here. That we can make changes here. That we see a vision of what this place can be.

“Yes, we could move to Houston and probably double our income, but if that’s the end game, I would’ve moved to New York a long time ago.”

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